Asset Management

Asset Management

CAL Asset Management Ltd (CAMCOL), a wholly owned subsidiary of CAL Bank Ltd, is a Licensed Investment Advisor set up to manage funds such as: staff provident funds, end of service benefit schemes, retirement funds, collective investment schemes as well as provide Investment Advisory services to investors.

CAL Bank (the Parent Company of CAMCOL), began managing pooled funds through its Treasury function in 1990 but this function was subsequently segregated into a Unit in 1999. However, as the function became increasingly specialized with the deepening of the Ghanaian financial sector, CAL Asset Management Company Limited (CAMCOL) was incorporated to perform this function.

Provident Funds – seek to make future lump payments to beneficiaries. Pension Funds – provide future installment payments after retiring. End of Service Benefits – lump sum payment after retiring or end of service. Collective Investment Schemes – mutual funds, unit trusts. High net worth Individual assets – minimum of ¢500 million and potential to make regular contributions in future. Specialized Funds – irregular cash flows - e.g. Project /Trust Funds

invests clients’ Funds in a number of investment instruments with the objective of generating high returns for the client. This broad duty includes research on the economy, the stock market, Fixed income instruments and other investment- sensitive factors which have an impact on the analysis and selection of securities.

We seek to as much as possible diversify client assets to hedge against risk, ensure liquidity and to protect capital as well as earn superior returns. CAMCOL therefore spreads client funds across varied asset classes with different risk and return profiles.

This function is threefold: updating records of clients, allocating earnings under the investment aspect, recording inflows and outflows of funds and generating reports- both standard and customized to meet the client requirements.

We have proven investment management capabilities demonstrated by the successful management of Funds for many blue-chip corporate bodies by our competent team of professionals with extensive experience in the financial markets. CAMCOL also undertakes comprehensive investment research and analysis on equities and on both government and corporate debt instruments.

CAMCOL takes a number of measures to ensure the safety and security of all monies entrusted to us by our clients. These include the execution of a Portfolio Management Agreement (PMA) between us and the investor. We also segregate Fund assets from assets of CAMCOL and other Funds. Title to all investments is at all times held by the Fund and not CAMCOL.

Having CAMCOL as your Fund Manager affords clients access to varied loans from CAL Bank using contributor balances as collateral. Loans usually will come at very concessionary rates with extended tenors or repayment periods far in excess of industry averages.

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