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Recent Forex Rates
Currency Buying Selling
US Dollar 3.9620 3.9601
Pounds Sterling 4.9372 4.9400
Euro 4.3952 4.3994
Indicative Rates from the Bank of Ghana.

GSE coerces govít over capital gains tax

The Ghana Stock Exchange (GSE) has assured that it will continue pushing for government to restore the exemptions on capital gains tax and the 3 per... Read More

Currency dealers project cedi stability in March

Forecasts by the Association of Financial Market operators have pointed March this year for the cedi to begin stabilizing against the US dollar. T... Read More

PAC condemns attitude of commercial banks

he Public Accounts Committee (PAC) of Parliament has condemned the deliberate attitude of commercial banks to do business with money received in th... Read More

Summary Information about CBL Products

CBL Discretionary Account

CAL Brokers Limited (CBL) provides discretionary portfolio management for clients who wish to take advantage of our expertise to grow and manage their portfolios. A client is assigned a personal portfolio manager who advices on the best asset mix for your portfolio based on your investment objective... Read More

CAL Home Base Account

The CAL Home Base Account is the perfect investment product you need as a foreign resident Ghanaian national interested in creating wealth and undertaking commitments back home. This product is a dynamic investment product that combines the benefits of professional stock selection with the flexibili... Read More

CAL SuperSave Investment

This is a special investment product designed by CBL to address clients’ investment needs. It is a money market product that offers superior returns to clients, usually above prevailing savings rates and Treasury Bill rates. The CSs also makes it possible for investors to enter and exit their ... Read More

Summary Information about CBL Services

Securities Trading

Securities Trading CAL Brokers engages in the buying and selling of securities listed on the Ghana Stock Exchange on behalf of our clients. We trade in both equities and fixed income securities. We offer two different channels of trading – Care Orders and Direct Market Access. Direct M... Read More

Investment Advice

One of our core strengths is in investment advisory services. Based on our cutting-edge research, we develop investment ideas which serve as the cornerstone of our portfolio construction strategy. We always undertake to understand our clients’ investment objectives before we recommend any por... Read More

Market Research

CBL's credible research provides the basis for all our investment allocation decisions. Our well resourced research desk collects and analyzes timely industry-related data and assesses its impact on the financial market. This provides us the reliability we need to offer our clients a solid consultan... Read More

Portfolio Management

We provide fund management for both individual and corporate clients, based on agreed risk and reward criteria. The strength of our approach is in our ability to adequately maximize returns using multiple diversification strategies as well as our commitment to providing superior investment manage... Read More

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