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CBL Discretionary Account

CAL Brokers Limited (CBL) provides discretionary portfolio management for clients who wish to take advantage of our expertise to grow and manage their portfolios. A client is assigned a personal portfolio manager who advices on the best asset mix for your portfolio based on your investment objectives and our analysis of the market. We ensure that we understand your needs and thus are able to meet the client's investment objectives to the utmost degree achievable. The portfolio managers are exceptionally knowledgeable and have extensive experience which we put at our clients’ disposal to adequately maximize returns. We monitor all market indicators and factors thereby ensuring the best possible growth and protection for your investment.

CBL is committed to providing superior investment management at all times and our strength lies in our ability to effectively get the most out of your investment using multiple well researched diversification strategies.

Clients will be required to sign a portfolio management agreement with CBL as the portfolio is managed on a discretionary basis. There are several advantages of being a discretionary client, a few of which are listed below.


  • By running a discretionary account with CBL, you will minimize the effort and time required in making decisions and monitoring your investments.
  • Access to exceptionally experienced professionals, with significant understanding of the capital and money markets, who will design and manage a structured portfolio, in accordance with your specific investment objectives and financial resources.
  • A personal portfolio manager who will work closely with you and will assist you to identify good opportunities as they arise and will see to all your investment decisions with expert investing advice and financial planning.
  • You will receive accurate monthly account statements of your account which capture every transaction on your account as well as quarterly valuation statements depicting the performance of all investments in your portfolio.
  • Your portfolio can be used as collateral for a loan facility
  • Weekly reviews of the market as well as research reports from our research department will be sent to you to keep abreast with the state and direction of the market and allow you to monitor the level and growth of your investment thereby allowing you to monitor the market and your investment.
  • You are assured of total discretion and confidentiality

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