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CAL SuperSave Investment

This is a special investment product designed by CBL to address clients’ investment needs. It is a money market product that offers superior returns to clients, usually above prevailing savings rates and Treasury Bill rates. The CSs also makes it possible for investors to enter and exit their near-cash investment before maturity without any loss of principal or penalty charges. Up to 50% of the principal can be withdrawn.


  • Tenors for the investment range between three (3), Six (6) and Twelve (12) months.
  • There is automatic roll-over of investments at the prevailing rate unless otherwise instructed by the client
  • Clients can discount their investments at any time before maturity.


  • High interest yielding investment.
  • Flexible and diverse investment maturity options.
  • No need to be an account holder of the Bank.


  • Completed SuperSave Form.
  • Client must provide one passport picture.
  • Client must also provide ID’s of next of kin to support information on the form.
  • Completed Special Investment Account form.
  • Client must provide a valid national photo ID.
  • Clients with account at CAL may complete a standing order form to channel the funds meant for the investment to CBL.

Click Here to download the Supersave application form

Click Here to download the current Supersave interest rates


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