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Market Research

CBL's credible research provides the basis for all our investment allocation decisions. Our well resourced research desk collects and analyzes timely industry-related data and assesses its impact on the financial market. This provides us the reliability we need to offer our clients a solid consultancy service that enables them make informed investment decisions.

Additionally, we deem the creation of information advantage through in-depth market research as a key to identifying successful investment opportunities. With a strategic presence in both the money and capital markets; CAL Brokers benefits from a broad market presence that enables us to widely cross-leverage our research platform, strengthening our investment insights and enabling us deliver reliable and timely research information.

We believe that the availability of relevant information is an effective tool for decision making. As a way of encouraging market efficiency, our research team is always on point in providing prompt market news and other market related information. CBL Research has also made available features on both www.ibrokerghana.com and www.calbrokersghana.com that give investors graphical price history of listed stocks as well as financial summary of the listed stocks.

One of our strongest points is the dissemination of up to date information to our clients on the performance of the financial market in general and on each client’s investments. Our daily, weekly and quarterly newsletters have a growing number of subscribers and these reports also released to other international distributors. CBL also produces company specific research reports that include buy/sell recommendations.

We distribute our research reports via email to existing and prospective client who sign up for these reports. To be included in our distribution list please sign up by clicking HERE

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